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2011 年,一位名叫 Serge Nazarov 的纽约大学高材生迈进了加密货币的革命。彼时,他所在的俄罗斯 QED资本在比特币飙升至 30 美元以上之际,将注意力转向了加密货币领域及智能合约领域。2014 年,作为该资本的合伙人,Serge 出走 QED资本,并陆续创建了安全资产交易公司(Secure Asset Exchange)、去中心化电子邮件服务 CryptoMail 以及智能合约公司 SmartContract。时至今天,唯有旧金山公司 SmartContract 成为 Serge 长达 5 年的落脚地,并让他开启了新的去中心化预言机项目 Chainlink,且凭借该项目在 2017 年 9 月融资 3200 万美元。


  • ChainLink

    美国,智能合约(smart contracts)

    2014年12月 美国,智能合约(smart contracts) 美国,智能合约(smart contracts) ChainLink提供让区块链的“智能合约(smart contracts)”调用外部数据的中间件...


  • Sergey Nazarov CEO

    Sergey began his career building peer-to-peer marketplaces, going on to the investment team at FirstMark Capital. He joined the cryptocurrency revolution in 2011, and believes it has the ability to change the way societies distribute wealth, enforce contracts, and share critical information with their citizens.

  • Steve Ellis CTO

    Steve was previously a Software Engineer and Team Lead at Pivotal Labs, where he worked on securing sensitive HIPAA compliant data and building scaleable payments automation software. He's a big fan of Ethereum, Bitcoin and the decentralized future we're all working towards.